Welcome To Amegilla

The Amegilla story – Inspired by nature

The bee

Amegilla draws its name from the Blue-Banded bee (Amegilla cingulata) – a strikingly beautiful bee native to Australia and many other regions.

In the busy world of bees, the Amegilla bee is like no other. Iridescent turquoise-blue bands encircle a glossy black abdomen, while large green eyes survey the landscape.

Although Amegilla bees don’t produce honey, they play a vital role in the pollination of crops and wild plants.

Indeed, humankind is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of bees – including the Amegilla bee – in the well-being of our species. 

The company

Founded by Rosie Russel, Amegilla is a Swiss company that showcases the finest artisanal products from Switzerland and select European neighbours. From gourmet foods and wines, to wellness and lifestyle products, we handpick the very best products and package them in our signature blue boxes.

When you purchase a luxury Amegilla gift box, you’re assured of a gift of the highest quality that anyone – friends, family and colleagues – will be delighted to receive, no matter what the occasion.

You can browse our full range of stylish gift boxes here.


Amegilla is also immensely proud to work with Stiftung Züriwerk – a foundation committed to ensuring equality for people with disabilities. Züriwerk gives people with disabilities (mainly cognitive impairments) the opportunity to learn a profession and live a rounded, fulfilling life. Their dedicated team packages and dispatches our gift boxes for you.

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