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Want to find out more about Amegilla’s range of beautiful gift boxes? We’d love to hear from you. You can contact us on hallo@amegilla.ch

Create your own gift box

For the ultimate personal touch, you can also create your own gift box from our extensive range of artisanal foods and wines. To start designing your own gift box, please contact us at custom@amegilla.ch

Gifts for your workplace

Amegilla’s stylish gift boxes are the perfect way to acknowledge the contributions of colleagues or clients. To create tailored gift boxes for your workplace, please contact us at corporate@amegilla.ch

Seasonal gift boxes

In additional to our core range of boxes, we also offer special gift boxes to celebrate each season. You can join our mailing list for updates on our seasonal gift boxes or to find out our latest news. Contact us at hallo@amegilla.ch to find out more.

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