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Our Artisans

Our Artisans

Every luxurious Amegilla gift box is thoughtfully stocked with the finest goods from some of Switzerland’s most creative food and wine artisans.

When you open an Amegilla gift box, you’ll immediately see that our artisans are as dedicated to quality and taste as we are.

Browse our hand-selected artisanal team below.

Jenny & Jonas – Honig mit Herz

From humble beginnings in 2004 with just a single beehive in the beautiful Flumserberg region, beekeepers Jenny & Jonas now have over 300 bee colonies which they nurture with incredible passion to create the delicious gourmet honeys featured in Amegilla’s gift boxes.
Made in Flumserberg, St Gallen 


More than 30 years ago, Alexandra and Natacha's grandmother sold top-of-the-range plushy toys from her shop on the exclusive Champs-Élysées in Paris.
Today, her granddaughters have reimagined their grandmother’s vision to take plushy joy to the world.

La Pelucherie plushies are authentic and adorable and make an ideal gift for young and old.
Hand-sewn in northern Italy.


Löw Delights

Sisters and chocolatiers Laura and Fabia Löw have been creating boutique chocolates in Zürich since 2014. With their contemporary take on an ancient craft, they bring a breath of fresh air to the Swiss chocolate scene.

Made in Zürich 

Les Delices de Tantine

Almost 50 years ago, the Huber family created their first homemade caramels, based on a treasured recipe passed down from their grandmother. Today, the family is a renowned producer of quality artisanal products made from local Swiss ingredients, including a delicious range of caramels, flutes, meringues, and speciality sweet and savoury biscuits.

Made in St Maurice, Wallis

Taucherli Chocolate

Since taking the reins at Taucherli Chocolate, Kay Keusen has overseen the evolution of this renowned chocolate atelier. His exciting new recipes, techniques and delicious products were recently recognised by the prestigious Academy of Chocolate with one of the industry’s most important medals.

Made in Adliswil, Zürich 

Ma Fabrik

Ma Fabrik is a rising star of the Swiss food scene, creating innovative organic sweet and savoury treats. The guiding hand of the business is Jonathan Gaudin, a young and passionate chef who previously worked at the famous Le Terminus in Paris and Baur au Lac Hotel in Zurich.

Made in Sierra, Valais 

Ottiger Spezialitäten

Since 1973, Familie Ottiger have been crafting small batches of their sought-after jams using the highest quality ingredients. Their products are truly hausgemacht (homemade) and still use the same tried and tested method used when Walter Ottiger prepared his first batch of jam over 50 years ago.

Made in Ballwill, Luzern 

Mürbel Caramels

Born out of a desire to recreate the intense crumbly fudge of her childhood, Barbara and Niels Meijerink started making caramels in 2015. Years of experience have gone into producing the perfect caramel – a rich milk caramel made by hand from regional Swiss products and free from additives.

Made in Mattwill, Thurgau

Boucherville Wines

Boucherville has been introducing wine lovers to remarkable wines from around the world since 1991. Our Amegilla gift boxes include a hand-picked selection of gems sourced by Boucherville from some of Switzerland’s best wineries.

Made in Switzerland

Teely – Tea Boutique

The team at Teely produce premium fresh, natural teas, specially chosen for their quality and refreshing flavours. Their selection includes energising black and green teas and delicious caffeine-free fruit teas.

Made in Seetal, Thurgau

Be! Popcorn

On her extensive culinary journeys, Mademoiselle Pop came up with a new take on a classic snack – gourmet popcorn.

Using only the best Swiss suppliers and producers, Be! Popcorn has been tantalising tastebuds since 2017 with its range of fresh, crisp, healthy popcorn made without any fats.

Made in Savigny, Switzerland

Nuts & Friends

With granola chef Cyrill at the helm, Nuts & Friends create tasty granolas made with specially selected nuts and organic ingredients for a delicious, nutritious and sustainable breakfast.

Made in Zürich

Meier Beck

Since 1973, Meinrad and Verena Meier have been creating exceptional torts, Bauernbirnbrot, Linzertorte and their renowned Nusstorte. Every product in their range follows the guiding principle, “Quality is not a coincidence.”

Made in Sta. Maria, Graubunden

Freely Handustry

Founders Léa and Marcel share a passion for creating delicious healthy treats made using the finest natural ingredients. All their treats are free from gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, palm oil and animal products. Your taste buds will be tickled, no matter what your cravings or dietary constraints.

Made in La Plaine, Geneva

Stoli Nüsse

The secret behind the crispy freshness and beautiful flavours of Stoli Nuts is the care with which they’re made. Unlike some producers, Stoli Nuts are air dried for several days, so they remain raw and retain their natural health benefits while also tasting delicious.

Made in Luzern

Paul`s Ketchup

Paul’s Ketchup shows there’s so much more to ketchup than just ‘tomato sauce’. These ketchup maestros create a divine selection of ketchups using hand-picked ripe fruits slow cooked with secret spice blends to produce a delightful rich balance of flavours.

Made in Sulgen, Thurgau


Genusswerkstatt was created in 2018 by Urs Stuker to produce a range of everyday groceries while also offering people with disabilities the opportunity to have a fulfilling profession. The Herisau Genusswerkstatt is already a success story with its wonderful range of products, including ready-to-bake muffins and breads, mustards, vinegars and salts.

Made in Herisau, Appenzell Ausserhoden

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